The GoodX story comes from our shared experiences

Hi, I’m Ed.

My journey has been an interesting one. I’ve been an executive at companies including Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, Citi, Ford and Hershey – all tremendous organizations employing many wonderful people.

Along the way, I saw the opportunity that companies big and small have to do good in the world, by doing differently what they do each and every day (like the way they market their products and services). I took a year off in 2012 to help with AIDS relief in Africa, and to travel to different places with a friend of mine who had lived as a homeless man. I met many people who inspired me, from AIDS orphans I met in South Africa who were striving for a better life, to girls I met in the bitter cold of winter in Moscow who had been caught up in sex trafficking.

I became convinced that we need a company that helps connect people with brands, to help a lot of people. So many people needed and asked for my help that I desperately searched for ways to serve them. I tell you all this because it’s the beginning of the story of GoodXChange….

I reached out to my friends, who I knew could help me. Many of them agreed to contribute something – sometimes a kind word and sometimes resources, or an introduction, so that this new idea could be born. Among them was a dear friend, Doug Pitt, who helped me activate the idea as I worked on several marketing projects at Hershey. Doug became a co-founder with me at GoodX. We’ve gathered up other world-changing friends that now comprise our growing executive team. A few of those colleagues are highlighted below.

I’m so grateful that we can now help direct resources in ways that reflect the things you value. Now, through GoodX, your simple actions funds charities you love.

It’s my life goal to serve people by creating WIN/WIN/WIN opportunities wherever I am, whenever I can. Different people do what they do for different reasons. For me, it’s the way I thank God for the privilege of being alive. If I can help people who become part of GoodX to feel good about supporting causes they love and making the world a better place…well, then, I’m a very lucky man.

You can reach me at ed@goodxchange.com.


Ed Martin


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