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The Big Idea

Advances in social media and mobile technologies have changed the way company brands can reach consumers. GoodXChange is taking a twist on the typical consumer engagement model by creatively mobilizing big groups of people to engage with brands in order to benefit (raise funds) for charitable causes.

How It Works

GoodXChange activates “Social Purpose Communities®” for global brands. Influencers with social media reach invite consumers to support causes important to them by “monetizing” their engagement with those brands. GoodX is the tech platform to facilitate this exchange for good.

Everyone Wins

In our exchanges for good, consumers engage with brands more deeply and less expensively because they’re better motivated – their actions are helping a cause important to them. So the brand performs better, the consumer feels better, and the charity can do more good work in the world.  It’s a win/win/win equation.

“GoodXChange…links big brands with charitable causes.”  – New York Times, October 20, 2015

The GoodXChange Effect

Trade a Simple Action for Good

A “Good Exchange” is a simple action you can take for a brand, in exchange for donations to causes you care about. Try one now!

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